His mother Gwendolyn worked as a nurse in the NHS for all her working life. She inspired Scratchylus in education and music. Some of his earliest memories of music was listening to his mum playing Reggae classics on a Sunday morning while making breakfast- reciting songs by artists such as Dennis Brown, John Holt, Bob Marley and Ken Boothe

After all the pain there has been and the pain we have seen and after all that is said and done,

it’s time to put a smile on their face and justice be seen and done.

These people helped ,yes built the bridges and roads in the UK.

Worked as nurses and doctors, on London Transport, the GPO (Royal Mail),

Jobs the locals refused to do and housing locals refused to live in.

From can’t see in the dark in the cold mornings until can’t see on nights cold.

We gave you spices to flavour your food, music to lighten your mood.

we extended love, humbleness, manners and received hate, but because we recognise this insecurity. and blaten denial

That’s why we are on the mission to RESET THE MINDSET

By the Artist Scratchylus


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