Windrush Legacy Project – Family Portrait Announcing: From our family to yours…

Wanda Nation is launching the largest family portrait project made up of all your amazing family photos!


This artistic project is part of the Legacy activities of the Radiate Windrush Festival to celebrate the many descendants of our Windrush Generation. We’re setting the goal to display what a great big family, community and legacy looks like and why we are here to stay.

We’ll be bringing together all the submissions into a large scale collage piece that will be displayed over the 2 day Radiate Windrush Festival. The portrait will consist of your crowdsourced family photos which will share real and remarkable images of our families over the years between 1948 – 2019. The Family Portrait will show that despite the ups, downs and years of migration, displacement and disruption, the family structure of the Windrush community has stayed strong.

The Windrush legacy project will be working to produce lasting artistic contributions to be included in our creative spaces across the UK. The artistic mandate of the project is to ensure that we continue to see our black communities in an unbroken positive light.

How to Get Involved

If you would like to be a part of this project, why not send us your family photos to the following email address. Please ensure that you have permission to add your family photo to the archive for public display purposes.

N.B. Photos should be scanned or in digital format. If you only have a hard copy of a photo we can arrange for you to bring this along to our drop in session
Here’s what we need: Image, Family Name(s), Approx Year Taken, Location of Photo, Name of Person Granting Permission

Project Details:

Project Title: “Unbroken, the Journey of Family & Legacy”
Dimensions: 20ft x 10ft or 40ft x 5ft
Medium: PVC
Style: Digital Collage
Project Display Plan: The project will be installed at the Radiate Windrush Festival for 2 days in June 2019.
Project Lifespan: The display will be available to be installed in a variety of suitable large indoor & outdoor spaces throughout the UK and Commonwealth Countries.

More Information: If you would like to sponsor or display the Windrush Legacy Project – Family Portrait – contact us
+44(0)20 8123 7492


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